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The G.H.T.I’s Medzical eHealth platform allows the exchange of patient-centric electronic health
data from other health care suppliers into apps to provide care via a safe, standardized infrastructure.

In recent years, the use of electronic medical records has increased steadily. But patient information is still stored in individual systems in individual care facilities even in digital format. These isolated data clusters could prevent critical data sharing during an episode of care. To this end, visionaries of healthcare worked for the idea of a connected health record. The point-to-point interface provides connectivity within a healthcare company. However, this point-to-point interface becomes unmanageable when engaging the health care community.

G.H.T.I on its Medzical platform allows healthcare providers to store relevant patient data. Up to date data can be accessed by another care provider on a single page to make a better decision for medication and treatment at the time when it’s needed most with the advantage of privacy control and traceability. GHTI’s Medzical Health Information portal leveraging google cloud infrastructure for high availability and accessibility.  Medzical generates a unique id for every stakeholder. Which can be associated with government-issued unique id as well with biometric identification.

A health care provider can access the patient’s data by either form of id provided. When patients are in an emergency situation where he cannot present physical id, the healthcare provider can access patient data with scanning bio-metric id. With proper authorization and notification system in place. Every login, addition, and access will leave a trace with detail information. Access to patients up to date records including, medication, lab reports, imaging reports reduce duplicate records resulting in the saving of millions of dollar.

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