The G.H.T.I’s Medzical eHealth platform allows the exchange of patient-centric electronic health data from other health care suppliers into apps to provide care via a safe, standardized infrastructure.

We know the timely exchange of health information between healthcare providers is key to providing better care for every patient and having modern technology platform in place can help. It’s about more than just entering patient information into a computer. It’s about providing a platform connecting every stakeholder in the health industry and creating a network of different systems that can connect and share health information to authorize healthcare practitioner where and when needed and promote patient engagement to view the relevant information they need within their record so they can work with their providers to better understand and manage their health.

At GHTI, we are building next-generation better human health platform that connects the network of every possible stakeholder in the healthcare industry. When care providers and patients have access to connected health information, ambulatory interactions are more efficient. When care providers access the history, context and diagnostic information of patients, they have the opportunity to put together the right care teams and prepare them adequately for their interaction with the patient. Where accurate data is accessible after interaction for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers, it can allow appropriate transitions and continuing care and promote active patient involvement and compliance.

Working on this complex initiative, which requires careful consideration and needs to act with responsibility due to very sensitive and private health information. GHTI platform respects all privacy laws and aligns with professional practice regulations and policy. It is designed with the flexibility to continually evolve with changing health care needs.

G H T I’s goal to provide a quick, secure and easy access to accurate information at the time of need to every healthcare provider across the globe to save or improve a patient’s life.

We are making it possible through consultation of health care providers and technology experts. We established the foundational requirements for security, capturing, storing, sharing, accessing and managing health information.

Currently different providers including pharmacies, public health, primary care, acute care, long term care, home care, imaging lab, government body, etc. have different ways of managing information based on the systems they have now. Some providers may be prepared to link immediately to the electronic health records platform. Some may have modern systems but need extra software to translate data from and to the network and some need to develop fresh systems.

To overcome all this obstacle GHTI’s platform “Medzical” builds on open standards and web technologies, ensuring significantly lower total cost of ownership. Supports all databases deployed on any platform, runs on all internet browsers, making it a truly autonomous database and platform solution. We are providing plugin and technical help to connect existing infrastructure and easy migration to healthcare providers. The application can be configured on a central server so that all client computers can access the same via internet browsers. Medzical provides all vital information of patients in one screen in a secure way, anywhere anytime when we need it.

It gives flexibility and freedom to health care providers to work according to the health care priorities in their regions while contributing to a greater goal of truly secure, comprehensive and flexible global healthcare.

The storage architecture has designed the way it will be stored and replicated region wise to make sure always availability. Each of these databases will store very specific clinical data that will be made available so health care providers can retrieve and contribute pertinent information when they need it during patient encounters. These databases are comprehensive accurate and secure. The information is stored with unique identifiers identifying the right patient with the right clinician records which connect all diagnostic images such as X-rays, MRI and CT scan, securely with authorized health care providers. All laboratory work, all medicines, and prescription, other clinical trials, and records like hospital discharge summary, reports of allergy or immunization. Live data from wearable like heart data, blood pressure, sugar, and sleep patterns, etc.

Integration of different modules enables approved healthcare providers to rapidly access and update a complex variety of patient data same time at multiple locations and allow them to plan and provide excellent patient care that is not possible in current distributed standalone setup.

You have, for instance, a patient recovering from heart surgery. All health care stakeholders can make sure that the patient’s electronic health record is up-to-date. This will enable the team to look at the past history of a patient to provide the most suitable acute care management to perform the best medication plan and track any future adverse drug reactions, coordinate the general cardiac care protocol, provide particular patient education and organize in-house facilities, comprehend hospital care patients and discharge therapy plans.

Their daily exercises data collected through the smartphone app and IoT devices will allow all respective health care provider to collaborate and provide patient-centric care.

At GHTI, we are working hard to make this complicated and collaborative network a reality.The health care community is on a trans-formative path using advances in technology to enhance patient care and continually uncover fresh and innovative solutions to exchanging electronic data with health care suppliers. Health care providers now see some of the advantages of using health information technology to provide better-informed therapy and care. While the journey is long, Our goal to be at the forefront to creating secure, easy and accessible electronic health information systems available at every corner of the world and supplying all provider the correct tools to provide patients the highest level of person-centric care at the time it is needed.

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